The Complete List of obé Workout Class Types

If there’s one thing that sets obé (far) above the rest, it’s our A-to-Z, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink variety. From Dance HIIT to Restorative Yoga and everything in between, our workout class types range from (super) high intensity to very chill vibes.

Our class types fall into four categories: Cardio, Strength Training, Yoga, and Activate/Recover. To help you quickly locate the type of class you’re looking for on the app or on the web, use the “Class Category” filter in our on-demand library filtering system! Whether you’re craving cardio, need an active recovery day, or wondering what counts as strength training, you can find exactly what you want in our on-demand library.

Check out the charts below each category to see where each workout class type falls on an intensity and impact scale (plus some exceptions to the rule), plus get a deeper dive into what you can expect from each class!

Cardio Classes

Every type of cardio workout class on obé Fitness, ranked by intensity and impact.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) takes you through quick, intense cardio bursts (yes, that means burpees!) followed by short recovery periods, allowing you to burn more fat in less time and build strength using just your body weight.

DANCE HIIT brings da club (and boot camp) to your living room, combining low-intensity movements from our signature dance classes and infusing them with high-intensity circuits from our HIIT workout classes.

DANCE CARDIO is where you get some killer choreo with your cardio. Designed to elevate your heart rate, enhance your coordination, increase your stamina—and show you moves TikTok hasn’t dreamed of.

CARDIO BOXING combines boxing techniques with high-intensity cardio training for a full-body workout class. (And an unmatched stress-buster! Get it ALL out.)

BOUNCE is a trampoline-based workout that’s high-intensity, low-impact—and nothing like the leisurely trampolining of your youth (aka get ready to feel those quads and hamstrings BURN). Learn more about the benefits of Bounce workouts—and the different types we offer.

RIDE brings high-intensity, low-impact cardio to your bike—any bike. These beat-based rides will get your heart pumping (and sweat dripping) as you cycle through intervals and hills, with some follow-along choreography to boost your endurance—and mood.

JUMP is a high-intensity, low-impact cardio workout class that will boost your endurance and leave you glistening with sweat. Perfect as a fiery warm up, a companion to Strength or Power classes, or a solo cardio push, Jump is also ideal for travel or working out with limited equipment.

STEP is a low-impact, high-intensity cardio class that will challenge your body and mind. Moving to the beat, you’ll follow fun cardio-only or cardio-plus-sculpt sequences that leave you sweating and strong. Step bench required!

Strength Training Classes

Every type of strength-training workout class on obé Fitness, ranked by intensity and impact.

SCULPT focuses on toning, lengthening, and sculpting your body with sequences aimed at fatiguing each muscle group. (Translation: reps! The kind that make you feel like a rockstar afterward.)

PILATES is the OG method for building core strength, increasing stability, and improving posture using bodyweight + light resistance. Powerhouse abs, coming right up.

STRENGTH is the ultimate functional training class, using resistance to focus on building full-body strength for an overall improved quality of movement and performance.

POWER is the combination of Strength + Speed, using heavy weights and explosive movement to improve both muscular and cardiovascular strength. The ultimate #levelup! Learn more about the difference between Strength and Power here.

BARRE focuses on building strength and endurance while combining elements of dance training + ballet technique. Grab your grippy socks and feel the burn! Sculpt, Pilates, Barre—wait, what’s the difference? Learn more here.

Yoga Classes

Every type of yoga workout class on obé Fitness, ranked by intensity and impact.

VINYASA YOGA is composed of vinyasa flows designed to build heat, loosen your muscles, and build strength.

YOGA SCULPT takes your yoga practice and pumps it up, using light hand weights to build strength and tone all the major muscle groups.

RESTORATIVE YOGA is a practice that comes from the yin yoga tradition, which is all about recharging and self-care. Grab a bolster (or pillow/couch cushion) and blocks if you have them—and let yourself RELEASE.

MEDITATION is a mind-body practice with proven mental and physical benefits. It often involves breathwork and body awareness techniques to calm your mind and focus your attention.

Find the full guide to our yoga classes at obé here.

ACTIVATE/RECOVER helps your body (and mind) prepare for—and recover from— all of your workouts. Choose between warmup, cooldown, stretch, or foam roll.

Audio Classes

RUN takes your cardio to the next level, whether you’re blazing a trail, hitting the track, or working the treadmill. Feel your heartbeat as the obé pros guide you through run tempos and intervals to boost endurance—whatever your experience.

WALK keeps you moving on a treadmill or your favorite outdoor route. From easy strolls to power walks, take it step by step as our obé pros guide you on a low-impact, music-driven journey that keeps you motivated.

MEDITATION lets you tune in and tune up anytime—to clear your head, improve your focus, and melt away stress. Me-time, elevated!

STRENGTH is the ultimate functional training class, using resistance to build full-body strength and improve your overall performance. Grab your gear, set up your station, and get ready to train.

YOGA tunes you into body and mind with everything from restorative, meditation-based classes to fiery, athletic power flows. Connect to your breath and recharge on your mat whether you’re new to the practice or a total yogi pro!

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