Personalized Fitness on obé: Get to Know the Guided Experience

Personalized fitness on obé: Your class plans!

You’ve set your fitness goals, signed up for obé, and have a workout space ready on deck. With a library of 10,000+ on-demand classes for every style and level, you have plenty of classes to choose from to start your workout journey. The only question is: Which classes are right for you? Cue personalized fitness on obé! 

With the launch of app version 3.20, your obé schedule now features a personalized fitness plan, built just for you! 

Goodbye, guesswork. Hello, obé Guided Experience—a new feature that will auto-populate 14 days of personalized class suggestions directly to your calendar tab. Called GEX for short, this personalized fitness tool will take the hassle out of planning your workouts by providing an easy-to-follow plan based on your fitness goals and preferences.

As you progress, new classes will be added daily, all designed to increase your fitness and build your skill level as you go. The more classes you complete, the smarter it gets! These workouts also specifically build on each other to provide long-term results that last (a little different than taking classes à la carte). 

To make the most of this new personalized fitness feature—available for all obé members at no additional cost—check out the FAQ below. 

How does Guided Experience Work?

First, you’ll take a quick quiz to determine your optimal workout style—Creative, Functional, or Hybrid. If you’re signing up for obé for the first time, this will be part of your onboarding experience. If you’ve been a member for a minute, you’ll see a “Unlock your personalized plan” prompt at the top of the screen on your app.

After you complete the quiz, your schedule will be customized with a personalized fitness plan designed to simplify (and elevate) your movement journey! Expect a foundation of Strength classes, with additional Sculpt, Pilates, Barre if you selected interest in those movement types.

Each plan includes suggested rest and cardio days strategically spread throughout the week to give your body the rest it needs and the boost it craves. 

Have more questions? Here’s the GEX FAQ!

Is Guided Experience available on your app and website?
Yes, the obé Guided Experience is available on the obé app and web!

Where can I take the quiz to see my guided experience?
For existing members: Make sure you’ve updated your app to version 3.20. Then, take the short quiz by tapping the ‘Unlock your personalized plan’ module. If you’re signing up for obé for the first time, this will be part of your onboarding experience. 

How can I access my personalized class plan?
Once you’ve completed the quiz, head to your schedule tab in the obé app to see your class recommendations on your obé schedule. Classes in your Personalized Class plan are indicated on your obé schedule under the ‘Your plan’ label.

Do class suggestions include Live Classes?
No! Your suggestions will be classes that are pre-recorded and the majority of them are not available in the on-demand section of our platform. However, please note some of your class suggestions will be strategically sourced from the on-demand library.

Can I switch my class plan?
Yes! You can retake your Personalized Class Plan quiz and switch up your plan as many times as you’d like! There are two ways to access this setting. 1) Tap Schedule, toggle the My Schedule view, tap the 3 dots on the top right corner, then Edit Plan. 2) Head to your Profile, tap Settings, Guided Experience, then Edit Plan.

How many days of class suggestions will be displayed in my schedule?
Your schedule will be filled with class suggestions for the upcoming two weeks and refreshed daily. That means if you take 2 days of classes, 2 additional days will be added to your schedule. You’ll always have two weeks worth to plan for!  

If I miss a class from my Personalized Plan, can I still access it?
Don’t sweat missing a class from your plan! You can access the past two weeks of your Personalized Plan at any time. For instance, if it’s currently the week of August 7 – August 13, you can still view classes from July 24 – July 30.

Will I be able to edit the recommended classes in my schedule?
Yes, you can edit your Personalized Class Plan! Drag and drop your favorite classes to the times that suit you best!

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