Movement Changes Everything: 13 Members Share Their Fitness Journeys

Most of us who are well into our obé fitness journeys know: A great workout isn’t just exercise—it’s our daily superpower. A way to connect to our bodies, refresh our minds, and feel ourselves light up.

It starts with the thrill of our hearts pumping in class and ends with that radiant sense of accomplishment. Something that turns into a positive charge and follows us everywhere we go, like a glow.

Because movement doesn’t just change our bodies. It changes everything. And no one tells those stories of transformation better than our beautiful community of movers—who always motivate and inspire. Here, 13 members answer the question: How has moving with obé changed your life?

Kristy D.

Kristy's fitness journey
Member since 2019
Dance HIIT, Strength, Power, Boxing, Pilates, Yoga

“I was the kind of person that always thought that if I had a smaller body, it was a healthier lifestyle. obé really taught me that it’s more in your brain than the size of your body how healthy you are. I no longer feel like I have to crash diet, and I no longer feel like I need to be a size two. I just need to be healthy and strong to be able to really take care of my body, and my family, and my kids.”

Christian M.

Christian's fitness journey
Member since 2020
Cardio Boxing, Yoga Sculpt, Yoga, Sculpt

“Before obé, I hated working out. Now, I’m about a little over a year postpartum, and I move my body with obé six to seven days a week.

When I start my days with obé, I feel better. I’m more productive, I’m more energetic, and I’m in a happier mood. It’s not about being the best or the strongest or the most fit—it’s about just moving your body to do something for yourself and be the best version of yourself.

It’s taught me that we don’t move our bodies because we hate our bodies, we move our bodies because we love our bodies. Movement is us taking care of our bodies and mind.”

Janine T.

Janine's fitness journey
Member since 2020
Sculpt, Barre, Yoga

“obé holds me a lot more accountable. I like that I’m able to just roll out of bed and get my body moving. Whereas before, because of the travel, the things that it takes, getting dressed… It just adds a lot more challenge to you getting started. The biggest lesson obé has taught me is that it only takes you showing up to actually get started.”

Lauren P.

Lauren's fitness journey
Member since 2019
Yoga Sculpt, Cardio Boxing

“One thing that really intimidated me about working out in the past is that I wouldn’t be strong enough and I wouldn’t be good enough. obé is the perfect place to try new things in the comfort of your own home with your own cheer squad as your support team. All the coaches and the whole community are so supportive—it’s a perfect place to prove that you are strong and can do new, hard things.”

Seema V.

Seema's fitness journey
Member since 2021
Strength, Cardio Boxing, Yoga, Sculpt, Dance Cardio

“Before obé, I used to take more of an all-or-nothing attitude to fitness. I would ask myself: Do I feel well enough today to drive myself to a fitness class, make it through an entire hour of exercise, and drive myself home without getting any worse? More often than not, the answer was no. So I just wouldn’t move my body at all.

Now, with obé, things are a lot more fluid and flexible. It prioritizes listening to your body and figuring out what works for you—and [as a chronically ill person,] it’s taught me to be kinder to my body, even when I’m in pain.”

Megan G.

Megan's fitness journey
Member since 2020
Dance Cardio, Yoga

“I don’t want to sound dramatic, but obé changed my life. It found me at just the right time when I was spending a lot of time working from home, stuck inside. Me being a fitness novice, I hadn’t really worked out in years. And it was really fun for me to be at home and see how strong I was getting. Plus, I’ve become friends with a lot of the instructors. It’s really nice to feel like I’m part of a community while just living in my house.”

Kristin H.

Kristin's fitness journey
Member since 2020
Bounce, Strength, Boxing, Run

“I was the kid who was very rejected from cheerleading and the swim team. And that carried with me my whole life. I saw myself as a very uncoordinated person and didn’t grow up having a lot of belief in myself for physical things.

The biggest lesson obé has taught me is that just because you don’t see yourself as having something in your skill set right now, doesn’t mean it’s not possible. The confidence obé has given me has carried very much outside of the world of trampolines and boxing and lifting heavy weights.”

Jenna P.

Jenna's fitness journey
Member since 2018
Pilates, Cardio Boxing, HIIT, Strength

“A huge lesson I’ve learned through obé is how to listen to my body. There are days I wake up and I don’t even want to stand up for my workout. But that’s okay. Because I just put on Pilates with Marcia. And then there are days I wake up and I have this energy I need to work with. And so maybe I put on boxing with Alex or a HIIT class with Mary.

I think it’s so cool to be able to listen to your body and stay in tune with yourself because it carries on throughout the day, not just in that workout.”

Meredith H.

Meredith's fitness journey
Member since 2020
: Dance HIIT, Yoga Sculpt

“Before obé, I really thought of working out as a chore. Exercising was just another thing to check off the to-do list. And obé has changed that mindset because now, I actually look forward to working out.

I’m not just working out because I have to be healthy, but I’m working out because it’s fun. The support of this community has given me a lot of confidence. I really owe a lot of that to the obé mentality and the all in, full out attitude.”

Erin O.

Erin's fitness journey
Member since 2020
Strength, Yoga

“The biggest lesson obé has taught me is that movement really can be medicine. This year in particular has been pretty difficult. There’s been a lot of things that have happened that have been outside of my control.

When I’m doing my obé classes, that’s my little time in my day when I get to feel connected again to myself, my routine, and my body. It’s something that’s healthy, that genuinely makes me feel good. I love that obé is something I have in my toolbelt of self-care that brings something positive into my life.”

Benita F.

Benita's fitness journey
Member since 2019
Dance Cardio, HIIT, Cardio Boxing, Ride

“obé has a mantra: All in, full out. And it really speaks to me. I know I’m not the fastest person in the Box. And I may not be the slimmest, and I know I’m not the youngest. At the age of 61, I’m pushing through these sessions, and I’m giving it my all. And I’m doing it for me. I truly feel like obé has improved my whole self, not just myself physically, but also my mental self, and my social self.”

Katie M.

Katie's fitness journey

Member since 2021
Yoga, Strength, Endurance, Barre

“obé has taught me that connecting with others is very important when it comes to creating a healthy, wellbeing lifestyle. Having a disability and not being able to really socialize with others the way I used to, obé has created a way for me to socialize with people without putting the pressure on leaving my house or being with them one on one. It just makes everything about exercise wholesome and I look forward to exercising every single day!”

Gianna M.

Gianna's fitness journey

Member since 2020
Sculpt, Barre, Strength, HIIT

“One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from obé is that movement should feel good. And sure, movement can be hard sometimes. If you’ve ever taken Melody’s class, you know it’s absolutely bananas! But it’s still meant to feel good in your body. So if something’s not feeling good, there’s other options. I’ve really evolved into learning about moving the way my body wants to that day.”

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