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menstrual cycle insights on obé

Working out isn’t just for looks. Besides its ability to physically transform your body, exercise is one of the most powerful tools we have to take charge of our health and feel positive benefits from the inside out. But, it can be tricky to know what to pay attention to, especially if you’re a beginner. Cue Health and Cycle Insights on obé, two new tools designed to empower your body literacy and help you navigate your fitness journey.

Health Insights allows you to connect your Apple Health data to the obé app, where you’ll be able to view metrics like heart rate, VO2 max, activity tracking, and more. This data, which is always kept private and secure, lets you understand the impact of every workout on your heart and cardiovascular health. 

Depending on your goals, you can view active health metrics like total daily steps, distance covered, and flights climbed—or hone in on heart health with heart rate and cardio fitness measures. You also have the power to view daily milestones or track your trends over weeks and months to see how your routine is making an impact. 

For those who menstruate, Cycle Insights is another optional feature that can inform your cycle-syncing journey (more info on that here) and complement the Working Out on Your Cycle class collection. 

Now, you’ll be able to synchronize your workouts with four menstrual phases: Menstrual, Follicular, Ovulatory, and Luteal. After taking an optional, 3-question opt-in quiz, you’ll unlock a cycle tracking info screen with a daily tip and your current cycle phase. You can read an explanation of what to expect at each stage and browse through suggested classes to match your energy levels. You can take these classes straight from Cycle Insights, bookmark them, or add them to your calendar for later!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: cycle syncing can be a great tool to help you navigate your fitness journey, level up your body literacy, find appropriate workout classes faster, and more. 

To make the most of these new features, check out the FAQ below.

How do I access the Insights tab?

Tap the Insights icon (at the bottom menu in your obé app) for personalized insights!

Where can I take the Menstrual Cycle Insights quiz?

When you tap on the ‘Get Cycle Insights’ banner, you’ll be prompted to take a short quiz and add details about your cycle, so you can get personalized class recommendations and learn more about synchronizing your workouts to each phase. 

Can I opt out of Menstrual Cycle Insights if it is not relevant to me?

If you’d prefer to hide Cycle Insights, you can disable the feature in your profile settings. By disabling Cycle Tracking, you’ll hide all cycle-related features on obé and your Insights tab. You can always re-enable this feature.

Is my health and cycle data safe?

Your data will remain private and confidential. obé Fitness does not (and will not) store or share any Health Insights or Cycle Tracking data.

Do Menstrual Cycle Insights include period prediction?

No, cycle insights do not provide you with period prediction (nor fertility awareness). The purpose of this feature is to provide members with menstrual cycles an optional tool to tune in with their energy levels, moods, and potential period symptoms. 

What is body literacy? 

Body literacy is to the body what mindfulness is to the mind. It is an embodiment skill rooted in the idea of tuning in to your body to understand it better. That includes observing and listening to its natural rhythms (like a circadian rhythm or an infradian rhythm, aka your menstrual cycle!), learning about how it functions and why, plus understanding what it means for you. 

This type of self-awareness can improve your confidence in your skin, help you feel more present, and empower you to choose what feels best for you and your body. It can aid mental, physical, and emotional health—and improve your workout performance.

In the case of cycle syncing, hormone fluctuations related to your menstrual cycle can impact your mood, energy levels, metabolism, appetite, sleep, injury vulnerability, and more. This makes it a powerful resource for nurturing body literacy (if it’s something you’re interested in)! 

How can I connect Apple Health to obé?

If you own an iOS device and our latest iOS app version, you can connect Apple Health to obé to view Heart Health and Activity Metrics such as heart rate, cardio fitness, step count, distance covered, and flights climbed!

Connect your obé app to Apple Health by going to Insights and tapping the ‘Apple Health Connect’ banner on the ‘Health’ page.

Will my obé classes track in the Health app?

Yes, your obé workouts will be tracked in your Health app! In order to access your tracked obé workouts in your Health app, you’ll need to open the Health app, tap ‘Browse,’ tap ‘Activity,’ and then tap ‘Workouts!’

Will Insights only include Cycle Insights and Health Connect? 

No! We have many exciting health insight features launching soon that we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned!

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