Streaming obé Workout Classes to Your TV

Streaming obé to your TV

If you’re looking to work out with obé on the bigger screen (aka your TV), we’re here to help! We’ve created guides to walk you through how you can watch obé workout classes on your TV or streaming player.

How can I stream obé workout classes to my TV?

We recommend streaming obé to your TV with the following:

  • HDMI cord
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Airplay

Be sure to follow our specific instructions in order to successfully stream obé to your TV:

How do I make sure my classes will be tracked when I stream obé to my TV?

If you stream obé workout classes to your TV, follow the above guides to make sure your classes are being tracked in your Class Tracker. However, if you cast or stream a class from the app or website to your TV a different way, they will not be tracked. To learn more about Class Tracking, read the FAQ here.

Class Tracking Tips

Watch the full class all the way through.

When watching a live class please make sure your volume is turned on.

If you’re using Airplay from the app, try to use the play and pause buttons on the app instead of using the Apple TV Remote.

If you’re using Chromecast, try to avoid waking up your phone in the middle of a class if it falls asleep. This requires the app to resync which might reset the tracking on the class your watching. Instead, wait until the class is finished to wake your phone.

If you’re using Roku or FireTV, avoid additional class tracking by getting to the device’s home screen after you’ve finished your classes.

Please note: If your browser is in incognito mode, or you are watching with ad blockers, your classes will not be tracked.


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