Everything You Need to Know About Popular Music On-Demand

obé fam, it’s the beginning of a new era: popular-music fitness classes are now available on-demand! What does that mean for you? You can search for classes powered by your favorite music genre and take them over (and over) again—anytime, anywhere.

Here are three easy steps to make the most of this exciting update. 

1. Choose your fitness class. 

To find new classes to try, just toggle the Popular Music classes only filter in the on-demand library. You can also simply scroll through the Classes page until you see a music note (🎵) with a music genre labeled on the class card. Don’t forget: you can also search classes by music genre with the Music filter—whether you want hip hop for HIIT, pop for Pilates, or electronic for your Yoga flow.

2. Control the instructor and music volume. 

Once you’ve tapped into a class, you can set the instructor and music volumes separately. Simply tap the music icon in the bottom left of the video player, then adjust the Instructor and Music volumes to your liking. Whether you want to turn the instructor’s voice up or put the music on full-blast—you can go for it.

3. Switch up the music source.

In the same control center noted above, you can also switch the music source between the original soundtrack and the Feed.Fm station that’s powering your popular music genre. We like to give you choices. 

Have questions? Check here first!

What is popular music?

This is the music you listen to in your everyday life (think: what’s playing on the radio or your favorite playlists). Our popular music is powered by Feed.FM stations! 

What is the original soundtrack?

Original music is music that doesn’t come from music artists you know and follow. 

Can I switch between popular music and the original soundtrack?

Yes, you can. See step 3 above for instructions on how to do just that. 

Does popular music work with casting?

Yes, you can cast these classes just like any other on-demand class.

Will THESE classes be available both live and on-demand?


How are these classes different from Replay classes? 

Replay classes—aka popular-music classes you could only play once—are no longer available on obé. With this new on-demand feature, you can now take the same class as often as you’d like! 

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